EWIA members mobilised to support important networks during the COVID-19 crisis

EWIA members mobilised to support important networks during the COVID-19 crisis

Not only are European Wireless Infrastructure Association (EWIA) members dedicated to the safety of their staff, contractors and suppliers in these difficult times now and in the future – we will also do everything we can to support our network customers. During this pan-European health crisis, EWIA neutral host wireless communication facilities play an important role in maintaining the connectivity required for the emergency services and other important public services, as well as for businesses and the population to enable them to adjust their behaviour in this unprecedented situation. The EWIA members are fully mobilised and committed to maintaining the availability of public and private networks, the emergency and important public services hosted on their sites, and to facilitating the necessary network changes to adapt to the crisis. For more information please contact EWIAsecretariat@grayling.com.

Investment, infrastructure sharing and faster roll out wireless broadband

Connecting Worlds, Transforming Lives

EWIA’s members have over €60 billion invested in wireless infrastructure assets around the globe. Our members build and manage independent wireless infrastructure including communication towers and small cell networks. These investments are made not for our member’s own networks but to support multiple network operators on an open access/wholesale basis. Our sector has a track record for more efficient operation and utilisation of wireless infrastructure leading to:

  • • Faster and cheaper network deployment
  • • Competition between network operators and new entrants
  • • Better coverage in rural areas and capacity in cities
  • • Attracting signifcant new sources of long term infrastructure investment
Investing In Shared Wireless Infrastructure

Investing In Independent Wireless Infrastructure

EWIA promotes policies to support the role independent wireless infrastructure providers play in delivering wireless broadband and other communications networks through:

  • • Fostering an environment of light-touch regulation to drive investment, spur innovation and strengthen competition and consumer choice
  • • Advancing the interests of the companies that build and manage independent wireless infrastructure to ensure fast, reliable wireless broadband